Bring Affordable Housing to Reynoldstown

Addressing the needs of the 2000+ people experiencing homelessness in Atlanta is a daunting task, but on March 13th, Reynoldstown has a great opportunity to provide some relief -- and we need your help with sending emails of support!

In May 2022, the City of Atlanta approved plans at 111 Moreland Ave for 45 studio units. The original plan was to reserve seven unitsfor households earning 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI), per the Beltline Overlay requirements, but the developer wants to go further and create even deeper affordability for more Atlantans..

Their solution provides 42 people experiencing homelessness with their own studio apartments. On-site counselors will work full-time to help residents receive other benefits (SNAP, Social Security, etc), coordinate dental and health care, and complete job training.

Despite the Mayor’s commitment to building 20,000 new affordable units across the city, the current City procedure defers to the neighborhood before granting the necessary public funding to make projects like this possible. If Reynoldstown votes “no” then the project reverts back to 38 market rate units and only 7 units at 80% AMI.

How can you help?

The Project At-A-Glance

Already Approved


*According to the 2019 American Community Survey, the car ownership rate for households in the city of Atlanta earning between $25,000 and $49,999 per year (which includes households with incomes between 60% and 120% of the Area Median Income) was 81.1%.  This means we could reasonably expect at least 36 total cars- 7 in the provided spaces and 29 parking in the street.

Link to 2022 AMI thresholds for Atlanta

The Project In Detail

What the city approved in May 2022:

Total Number of Units: 45 studios with kitchenettes (no stove) and 1 shared full kitchen per floor

Parking: No parking is required by law, but the owner offered 9 spaces.  This was reduced to 7 spaces to save a tree per an appeal filed.

What the owner is requesting now:  A letter of support from the neighborhood, which would allow for $1,181,148 of additional funding from the Atlanta Housing Authority.  This funding would allow the owner to change the project to:

Total Number of Units: A decrease to 42 studios with kitchenettes (no stove) and 1 shared full kitchen per floor

Parking: No change to the 7 spaces provided BUT

Take a look at a video highlighting the necessity of Partners for Home, who would provide support for the future residents: