We are a group of Atlanta neighbors who advocate for
more housing

We are residents of the Metro Atlanta area. We’re a mix of long-time residents and newcomers, renters and homeowners, business owners and employees, families and individuals, citizens and immigrants, commuters, bus riders, cyclists and pedestrians. Read more about our values.

We want a more affordable and sustainable Atlanta

We see friends, family, and coworkers being priced out of our area. We see sprawl consume acres of wilderness and increase the number of cars on the road. But we know there is an alternative. We want Atlanta to be an affordable and inclusive community, one in which new residents can thrive and legacy residents have the ability to age in place with dignity. Read more about our vision for Atlanta.

Want to learn more?

New to housing, affordability, and urbanism? We have resources for you! Check out some of our favorite videos, podcasts, and articles on how housing supply impacts affordability, why density matters, how zoning impacts affordability, and how systemic racism has and continues to contribute to our housing crisis.

Looking for something a bit more Atlanta-specific? Take a look at Atlanta City Design Housing's deep dive into where Atlanta has been, where we're going, and what policy changes we need to create a more inclusive City.

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Becoming a member supports and enables our efforts to create a future where housing is abundant. Becoming a member of Abundant Housing Atlanta also gives you access to a nationwide online community of like-minded individuals, and eligibility to vote on election endorsements.