Zoning 2.0 Survey #3 Recommendations: Growth Areas!

Sign Our Petition to tell our Planning Commissioner to prioritize increasing the total number of homes, increasing affordability, and promoting pedestrian-friendly policies in this zoning rewrite!

The City of Atlanta is asking for your input in its Zoning rewrite AGAIN. This time, they're asking about growth areas. We know that we need to make it easier to build more homes and increase affordability in the parts of our City that can best accommodate growth.

So we asked our experts to help us complete the survey with the goal of identifying responses that will prioritize increasing the total number of homes, increasing affordability, and promoting pedestrian-friendly policies

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Below are Abundant Housing Atlanta's recommendations for how to respond to the survey based on our values. 

Unfortunately, this survey is pretty vague. The questions ask if we should make changes to the zoning code at all, but don't clarify in what direction - are we making changes to increase or decrease affordability? We don't know!

So what does that mean for our recommendations? Well, we don't have many this time around! There are some questions that we feel confident in our recommendations. And the others? We're in support of the answer "maybe." We suggest that you also write in "Increase housing supply and prioritize affordability" in the Additional Comments section for the rest of the questions.

For the rest, check out our recommendations below. We have bolded and written in red our recommendations for those answers. 

We hope this guide is helpful to you in filling out the survey! Please share with your friends!

Growth Area Preliminary Direction - Form

Questions 1-7A:

7. B. Remove residential/nonresidential distinctions in mixed-use areas (so use can change over time)

7. C. Keep distinctions in multifamily areas

Question 7D-7H:

Growth Area Preliminary Direction - Frontage

Questions 1-3

3. A. Keep limits on parking, storage, data centers etc. along a street

Questions 4-12

Growth Area Preliminary Direction - Use

Questions 1-6

7. Create standards to reduce or eliminate impacts of some uses

7. A. Drive-thrus and drive-ins

7. B. Fuel sales and automotive uses

7. C. Data centers

7. D. Self-storage

Question 7.E. 

Growth Area Preliminary Direction - Site

Questions 1-1A

2. Remove existing upper limit on the amount of bicycle parking spaces required

3. A. Remove the few remaining minimum requirements

3. B. Add maximum limits where they don’t exist and link them to context and alternate transportation access

Questions 4-11B